2 axis inline gimbal for head tracking systems on FPV RC planes.

Temarai works in conjunction with a head tracking sensor mounted in or on your FPV goggles. This allows for the FPV RC plane flyer to look around whilst flying in a straight line. Usage is seamless and does not require any extra training as it looks where you look. A very immersive experience when combined with the sound of the air rushing over the air frame.

Temarai was originally made for slope soaring whereby looking down to the cliff edge is crucial. Looking to port or starboard allows the pilot to pick a glide line before changing direction. For landing the head tracker is advantagous as you can look directly down at the ground. You know your exact proximity to the landing strip and thus can refine you landings easily.

Standard servos, linkage stoppers and push rods allow for easy parts replacement if anything should fail.
The body is made from tough PLA 3D printed plastic to withstand impacts. The gimbal also has an in built shock absorption system to increase the impulse time on heavy landings.

The open section of the outer shell is a compromise to allow for ease of access, shock absorption systems, range of movement and aerodynamics. Aerodynamically a rotating eddy of air is promoted inside the line of the air frame shell. This rotating eddy of air creates a skin somewhat similar to the shell, except it is moving in the direction of air flow, thus maintaining the lamination of air. Where it reconnects with the air frame we fine a rounded leading edge to smoothy reconnect the air stream to the shell.

The designers are also flyers whom made Temarai for their own personal needs. Thus your gimbal will be the same as the ones we make for ourselves.